LiteSpeed web server

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from LiteSpeed technologies. It is usually used to replace an existing Apache server while not changing the opposite programs or OS details. Better of all, they are usually integrated without breaking something. As such, LiteSpeed net Server will quickly replace a heavy bottleneck in your existing net hosting platform.

LiteSpeed is also a web server that is famed for providing wonderful Performance and higher scalability. An existing Apache server is usually replaced by a LiteSpeed server while not creating any modifications among the OS details and not hindering the other method or program. LiteSpeed can unravel any major bottleneck in your existing net hosting answer. LiteSpeed includes impressive options and an easy net administration console that ensures a secure and fast net hosting setting.

LiteSpeed Features:

LiteSpeed is excellent once it involves speed and stability. LiteSpeed is quick compared to Apache, and it additionally servers the PHP content among a short span of it slow. Therefore, LiteSpeed is considered an ideal net hosting answer for websites using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal because it enhances PHP performance.

Here are some spectacular LiteSpeed features:

Compatible With Apache

LiteSpeed is compatible with Apache, and one will avail options like mod_rewrite, mod_security, and .htaccess. LiteSpeed usually loads Apache configuration files, and they can also operate as a replacement to Apache. LiteSpeed additionally works nicely with all the online hosting management panels.

Great Performance And quantifiability

LiteSpeed improves the Performance and scalability of online hosting platforms because it’s crafted to ensure excellence. LiteSpeed can serve an outsized number of shoppers at a time together with making certain minimum usage of server resources. LiteSpeed’s code is utterly optimized for enhancing the PHP performance and for serving the static websites outsized than Apache. LiteSpeed additionally has the potential to take care of the sudden traffic spikes. It also helps in handling the DDOS-attack without the need for any DDOS management hardware resources.


LiteSpeed works utterly with Apache’s mod_security feature and additionally has the anti-DDOS feature. LiteSpeed consists of customizable options like request, per-IP association, bandwidth strangulation. The IPs through which many connections or requests are blocked, thereby stopping the attackers from ruining your very own server.


Hosting on a LiteSpeed server may be a certainty and affordable additionally. LiteSpeed’s licensing price is lower than any hardware upgrade required for optimizing an Apache-based mostly server. In addition, LiteSpeed reduces the support prices through its wonderful options making certain a secure and stable hosting setting.

Faster PHP:

 PHP processes are started using a fork() call, rather than starting a current PHP method, often quicker and permit users to effectively utilize opcode caching, whereas conserving the separation necessary for shared hosting.

High Performance Static Content: 

LiteSpeed net Server’s event-driven design permits it to handle static requests abundant quicker than Apache — up to 10x quicker at high traffic volumes.


High Performance Dynamic Content: 

LiteSpeed’s exclusive server API, LSAPI, handles net applications much more expeditiously than alternative APIs, leading to PHP net applications that run up to 500th quicker than Apache.

SSL Acceleration: 

LiteSpeed net Server uses SSL acceleration to deliver HTTPS pages up to a few times quicker than Apache.

Web App Acceleration

LiteSpeed consists of a normal compliant ESI cache engine; thus, LiteSpeed can implement the advanced caching solutions with ease, often a necessary feature for meeting the necessity of the extremely dynamic net applications used by the webmasters these days.


Efficient Hardware Utilization

In comparison to NGINX or Apache, the LiteSpeed server ensures 2x-5x quicker page loading speed together with ninety-eight lesser server load. This says that you will host an oversize associate range of shoppers on one hardware platform. LiteSpeed reduces the hardware footprint together with making certain price savings in CapEx and alternative associated revenant prices.

Simple Management

The best issue concerning LiteSpeed is that managing LiteSpeed is extremely easy. LiteSpeed will browse your Apache config files and supports the .htaccess files. In addition, the integrated electrical device plugins in LiteSpeed guarantee simple configuration and preparation. you may switch between your Apache installation and LiteSpeed and manage your website content on LiteSpeed with simply many clicks. you may change cache management for every account together with tag-based purging and automatic shut down.

With its comprehensive variety of options and easy-to-use net administration console, LiteSpeed net Server will assist you in conquering the challenges of deploying associate economical net hosting infrastructure.

LiteSpeed net Server Editions

LiteSpeed net server is out there in 3 editions. These editions are listed below:

● OpenLiteSpeed Edition – This edition is typically used for big, high-traffic websites. However, this edition is not compatible with any hosting control board. It’s associated with an open supply edition and free for personal, and business uses.

● Standard Edition: This edition is typically used for small, low-traffic websites and compatible with hosting management panels like WHM/cPanel & DirectAdmin. This edition is in addition free and will be used for private or business functions.

● Enterprise Edition: This edition is widely used for big, high-traffic websites and is compatible with multiple hosting management panels. The enterprise edition is widely used by leading net hosting organizations to produce outstanding net hosting expertise for his or her valuable shoppers. Enterprise edition has the highest level of stability and is supported by cPanel. It additionally integrates with the DirectAdmin control board.

● LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is an all-in-one website acceleration plugin that includes an exclusive server-level cache and a group of optimization options.

● LSCWP supports WordPress Multisite and is compatible with most well-liked plugins, together with WooCommerce, bbPress, and Yoast SEO.

● LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is compatible with ClassicPress.

LiteSpeed net Server

LiteSpeed Technologies originally developed LiteSpeed in July 2003. Since then, it’s become one of the foremost in style net server package solutions offered on the market. The package was developed to produce larger net server performance while not requiring a commensurable increase in hardware or infrastructure capability. one of the key ways LiteSpeed will often use LSCache is the caching plugin LiteSpeed uses for cache management.


An honest caching answer is very important to induce the best performance out of your net server package. With LiteSpeed, you may use LSCache to manage the server cache and certify that your sites are loading quickly and properly. LSCache is extremely customizable and will be used to increase the speed of WordPress sites, Joomla! Sites and much a lot of. As LSCache is formed into LiteSpeed, you don’t have to be compelled to worry about putting in a 3rd-party caching plugin.

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